Reweaving Our Human Fabric:
Transforming the Legacy of Separation into a Future of Collaboration


The Book is Finished!

After nine months of intensive focus, Miki Kashtan finished writing her book, Reweaving Our Human Fabric: Transforming the Legacy of Separation into a Future of Collaboration. Although many steps remain before this book is published and out in the world, this is a key milestone and we are inviting you to celebrate with us.

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bright world

Vision for a bright new world

This visionary new work includes stories from the future that describe in detail how things could be in a world designed to respond to human needs as well as ample information about how to live a life inspired by vision and commitment even now, in the world that we have.


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  • miki kashtan

    Miki Kashtan,Ph.D. - Author

    Miki is a co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication ( She is inspired by the role of visionary leadership in shaping a livable future, and works toward that vision by sharing the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication through mediation, meeting facilitation, coaching, consulting, and training for organizations and for committed individuals. Miki hosts the Conflict Hotline, a monthly live call-in TV show, and blogs at Her articles have appeared in Tikkun magazine and elsewhere.
  • baynvc

    Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

    Founded in January, 2002, BayNVC has been working tirelessly towards its vision of a world where everyone's needs matter and people have the skills to make peace. BayNVC organizes and offers events for the public including workshops, series,intensive retreats (for individuals, couples and whole families), and practice groups. BayNVC has also been in the forefront of leadership development with ongoing intensive 9 or 12 month programs for business professionals, activists and others interested in integrating and sharing NVC in their communities. We also offer dozens of trainings, more than half of them on a pro bono basis, to organizations such as churches, businesses, schools, and healthcare institutions.